Bengts Tivoli

Our field of work consists today of countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway
and Finland. Since 2011, our head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia where we have our main activities.
Our resources are today of the size that we can amuse people at several events simultaneously.

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Bengts Tivoli now have the opportunity to enjoy your audience in the Scandinavian countries as well.
Bengts Tivoli are touring with two complete amusement parks which can be brought together into a
gigantic amusement park, if necessary. Basically it means that we can adapt ourselves from the
largest arrangement to the smallest arrangement. We can also offer things like toilets, fences,
scences and so on. Contact us today, and we find the solution that
is best for your future arrangement(s).


We also have rental of everything from the smallest kidcarousel, bouncy castle, or to complete amusement parks.
If you’re an association, company, event company and so on – please contact us for more information.